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Career theory: A partner in practice
What is career theory? Does theory matter? Is career theory useful in practice? Well, the answer is yes; career theory does matter and it is useful. Career theories are basically different perspectives on career development and any career theory textbook will show just
how many perspectives there are. Career theory distinguishes the field of career development from other fields and provides a foundation for practice. Knowledge of career theory is fundamental to professionalism and is a core competency of professional standards in many
countries including Australia. This interactive presentation overviews career theory and considers its practical application.

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Victoria, New South Wales, Tasmania, ACT - 16:00
South Australia - 15:30
Queensland - 15:00
Northern Territory - 14:30
Western Australia - 13:00


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Oct 10, 2019 04:00 PM in Canberra, Melbourne, Sydney

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Mary McMahon
Honorary Associate Professor in the School of Education @The University of Queensland
Dr Mary McMahon is an Honorary Associate Professor in the School of Education at The University of Queensland. She is a developer and co-author of the internationally recognised Systems Theory Framework of Career Development which takes a holistic ‘individual in context’ view of career development. A focus of her work has been the application of systems thinking and systems mapping to career theory, research and practice. Mary researches career development across the lifespan and narrative and systems approaches to career counselling and qualitative career assessment.