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Equality & Diversity Webinar with Rebecca Turner (Open Workshop)
Learning Objectives
Skills and knowledge highlighted in this training include
• Define the terms equality and diversity
• The benefits and key concepts of diversity together with it’s principles
• The current legislative framework around equalities legislation
• Positive action and why it is an important recruitment tool
• The responsibilities regarding equality and diversity
• Differentiate between an individual’s rights and responsibilities in relation to equality and diversity
• Values and beliefs that underpin human diversity
• Prejudice and stereotyping resulting negative effects
• The factors upon which discrimination can be based and differentiate between direct and indirect discrimination
• Definitions and examples of harassment and victimisation
• Illustration of ways in which discrimination can be minimised and identify situations where it is acceptable
• Acts of law that serve to maintain equality and ensure the acceptability of human diversity
• Human rights depicted in the 1998 Human Rights Act

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Mar 10, 2021 10:00 AM in London

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