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SU0318 Rhonda Bender - Level Up LTPK Paint Along
If you’ve got a copy of the Layer Up! learn to paint kit but you’ve never gotten around to using it because you’d prefer video instead of text instructions, now’s your chance! Rhonda Bender, the author of the kit, is hosting a Layer Up! paint along class. She will take you through the process of painting the wizard figure, and demonstrate the techniques of painting base coats, layering, lining, and glazes.

If you want to paint along during the class, you will need the paints and brushes provided with your kit, and the wizard miniature. (If you already painted that one you can swap in another figure you might have lying around that is wearing a cloth robe or cloak with rounded folds, or order another copy of 77068 Anirion the Elf Wizard.) If you can, prior to the class scrub your wizard with some dish soap and rinse well, or dip it in isopropyl (rubbing) alcohol to clean it off and help the paint adhere better.

You also need:
An old mug or plastic cup filled with water to rinse out your brushes.
Some paper towels.
A plastic plate or clean plastic lid to use as a palette.

These items are not required but you’ll find them helpful:
An empty paint bottle (item 8702 Master Series Squeeze Bottles on the store.)
A holder for your figure. (See page 6 of the booklet for ideas.)
A hairdryer in case your paint is drying too slowly to keep up with the class.
If you can, an extra lamp or two to make sure you can see well.
A piece of printer paper with text on it, or paper junk mail. (Plain not shiny paper.)

NOTE: There is also a class scheduled for the Core Skills paint kit. The two kits are designed to work individually or together as one large master kit with no duplication of tools, colours, or figures. You do not need to finish the Core Skills kit or class to attend the Layer Up class (or use that kit), but if you are completely new to painting and can choose only one, I recommend Core Skills first.

Suggested Items: https://www.reapermini.com/search/rc20su0318

Sep 6, 2020 06:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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