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#MeetTheProfessors | History, International Relations and Political Science at Ashoka
The Department of History has crafted an undergraduate curriculum which contains lessons about forgotten cities, folklores, speeches, letters, architecture, clothes, food, cinema, paintings and much more. The Department has its strengths in the history of ancient India, with a special focus on archaeology, heritage, society, politics, religion, and ideas; the history of medieval and early modern India with an emphasis on states, empires, and warfare; the history of modern India and the Indian Ocean with a focus on political violence, space, environment; contemporary history and international history of modern South Asia; and global history.

International Relations at Ashoka offers training from experts at the cutting edge of this discipline. Its internationally renowned faculty offers richly varied perspectives on the challenges of understanding the South Asian region and beyond, from the points of view of both scholars as well as practitioners. This is a highly inter-disciplinary department, whose contributions to the analysis of South Asia’s international history position it at the forefront of an exciting area of research in academia.

Political Science at Ashoka University aims to provide students with a conceptual foundation with an ability to critically analyze the omnipresence of the “political.” Through various courses we examine the nature, distribution and dynamics of power – both at the macro level of national and international politics and also at the micro level of the individual, family and community. The Political Science major puts significant emphasis on methods learning, both quantitative and qualitative, thus equipping students with practical skills they can use outside the classroom.

Sep 30, 2022 06:00 PM in India

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