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Episode 5 - "Classifieds and Marketplaces in a Post CoVid-19 World" - EU & US/LATAM
This is part 5 of our interactive "Building Marketplaces in Challenging Times
Webinar Series" and sponsored by IOVOX and Fortumo mobile payments.

This is a panel session with two (maybe three) industry experts.

Our Panelists are next to Simon Baker, Malcolm Myers - Founder & CEO, EIV
// Mostyn Goodwin - Partner, OC&C Strategy Consultants // Bian Boreo - CEO, 1000WATT

As we emerge into the post CoVid-19 world, classifieds and marketplaces will have
to change their business model to deal with this new reality. Under the topic
"Classifieds and Marketplaces in a Post CoVid-19 World" C-Level Experts from
the Industry will discuss about how Classifieds are facing the New Normal
after the Coronacrisis.
This webinar explore what has changed, the impact it will have on online classifieds
and marketplaces, and what business models are likely to be the winners.

Take the chance to reserve a slot in your calendar and prepare question
you might want to raise on the topic.

This will be an interactive webinar with audience participation. Bring your
issues and challenges.

May 27, 2020 05:00 PM in Madrid

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