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Open up Your IBM i Easily with Open Source Connections


Aug 28, 2019 10:50 AM

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Dan Magid
CEO @Eradani
Dan has spent over thirty years leading companies that help customers implement new technologies in legacy environments. In his previous position at Rocket Software, he led the modernization labs and the Sales Specialists teams. Before that he was the CEO of Aldon, the leading provider of DevOps tools to the IBM i marketplace.
Aaron Magid
VP, Open Source Technologies @Eradani
Aaron Magid has been writing modern applications to leverage open-source technologies on the IBM i for more than 10 years. His applications are part of commercial products that are installed in thousands of IBM i shops around the world. His work combines open-source languages such as PHP, Java, Node.js, and Python with traditional IBM i technologies to create leading-edge IBM i solutions.