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Naturally healthy: Feed-based prophylactics for tackling vibrios in shrimp
Shrimp health expert Dr Loc Tran; Yit Tung, co-founder and CEO of RAS Aquaculture; Dr Orapint Jintasataporn, associate aquaculture professor at Kasetsart University; and Allan LeBlanc, vice-president of Calysta, will discuss novel strategies for tackling shrimp disease.

The discussion will cover fields including:
- The key (and emerging) health challenges facing shrimp farms in SE Asia and beyond.
- The significance of Dr Orapint's recently published paper on the impact of shrimp diets containing the single-cell protein FeedKind on AHPND / EMS.
- The scope to roll out FeedKind in commercial shrimp diets.
- Other examples of feed-related protection (eg oral probiotics and functional feeds) against pathogens in shrimp.
- What other measures (including biosecurity and new technologies) can help reduce the risk of pathogens in shrimp farms.
- Why these methods are preferable to the use of antibiotics.

The webinar is free to attend. We are looking forward to having you!

Nov 10, 2021 08:00 AM in Zurich

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