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KNOW YOUR RISK. ALWAYS. How to Trust Your Fraud Prevention Data to Maximise Conversions?
A guide to increasing risk data confidence to secure engagements quicker, improve retention and profitability, while obtaining future-proofed risk mitigation.

The surge in digital payments experienced as a result of our global pandemic is a significant opportunity for eCommerce merchants and PSPs. It is essential to rethink strategy, sync with leading technology developments and adapt mantras for future-proofed sustainability and to maximise engagements and profitability potential.

In this webinar, we’ll explore why data orchestration hubs with multi-layered verification and risk score structures, dynamic decision-making frameworks and automated intelligence are innovating risk mitigation. Proving to significantly increase merchant and customer onboarding rates, while reducing fraud, friction, costs and manual intervention managing data and risk. Obtain a premium global fraud defence with ease and agility.

Key Takeaways
• The power of one API. Why data orchestration hubs have become the leader in risk mitigation innovation to support our ever-changing online and regulatory landscapes.
• How to cut the cost, time, friction and complexity in onboarding and compliance adherence.
• The benefits aggregated risk scoring methodologies have towards trusting risk data.
• How multi-level verifications mitigating false positives, account takeover, friendly-fraud, chargebacks.
• Strategies to improve engagements and revenue retention through trusted data.


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Nov 12, 2020 04:00 PM in Belgrade, Bratislava, Ljubljana

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Brian Daly
Head of Product Implementation and Innovation @4STOP
Brian is a technologist at heart; holding 17 years commercial IT experience, 13 years experience in the electronic and card payment industry providing support and consulting services to international banks and electronic payment providers including Omnipay, Fexco Merchant Services, Acquirer Systems, CR2, acquirer systems, point se, Saudi Central bank, BNPP, SocGen, PTSB and Accellence Thailand. He was The Head of Innovation at Mastercard Payment Gateway Services, previously Product Manager on a number of different payments, cyber security and mobile authentication products, and mentor at Barclays Accelator & Techstars London. Brian joined 4Stop and left the world or quantum computing and quantum encryption behind where he worked to keep your data safe online, to keep your company safe from risk.
Paul McManus
Vice President Merchant and Payments @4STOP
Paul joined 4Stop in May 2020 and brought with him 20 years of experience working for some of the world’s leading software companies specialising in data-driven solutions and has a depth of knowledge versed in the fields of Payments, Fraud and Identity Validation. Paul was one of the founding team members to establish one of the first eIDV KYC product currently known as ID3 Global. He was the first individual to take the product to an international level, establishing a successful international strategy. Additionally, Paul has worked with Visa as a Strategic Market Consultant helping them to expand their client base into previously underdeveloped sectors and WorldPay where he developed and led their approach in the pure-play digital market. Paul works closely with 4Stops executive, marketing and product teams and his key insights and strategical development is bolstering 4Stops data and risk platform to maximise performance for businesses worldwide.
Christian Wheeler
Vice President Merchant Underwriting @4STOP
Christian has over 15 years within the financial sector. He specialises in the Acquiring and Issuing realm of our online financial eco-system at an international level with more extensive experience within the EMEA and Indian regions. During his career, Christian has acted as the principal point of contact on large client portfolios, all of which were maintained and analysed through research, market information and risk management. Christian is passionate about risk management and working with businesses to mitigate their risk exposure at the first point of entry that correlates to merchant onboarding. With many years in the industry, he is well versed and intimately understands acquirers and issuers merchant underwriting pain points. Christian strives to work with companies at the forefront of driving innovations to solve these pain points to secure and support further growth for our online eco-system.