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How Fortify and MultiMechanics Are Making Additive Manufacturing More Predictable
With additive manufacturing, or “3D printing,” being one of the most talked about technology breakthroughs in the last decade, its benefits are widely known by individuals in and out the manufacturing industry. Compared to traditional manufacturing methods, 3D printing is faster, more cost-effective, creates less waste, and drastically increases an engineer’s design space by allowing for basically unlimited shapes and geometries.

However, there are still many challenges that need to be solved before this technology replaces traditional manufacturing methods. These include: improving strength, reducing manufacturing variability, and predicting part performance. This is where MultiMechanics and Fortify come in…

The combination of MultiMech’s predictive multiscale simulation and Fortify’s novel additive manufacturing technology will facilitate the adoption of 3D printing for commercial and industrial applications. In this joint webinar between MultiMechanics and Fortify, you will learn more about MultiMechanics and Fortify’s technology and collaboration through an example engineering problem that will highlight:

1. Modeling techniques and failure modes for chopped fiber composites
2. Model – Experiment validations of Fortify’s additive manufacturing material properties
3. How the multiscale modeling can improve and optimize Fortify’s parts

After the webinar, a live Q&A will be held with panelists from MultiMechanics and Fortify. Register today!

Feb 28, 2019 9:00 AM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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Dan Shores
Software Lead @Fortify
Dan Shores completed his Masters degree in Mechanical Engineering at Northeastern University where he researched techniques to optimize chopped fiber alignment in 3D printed composites. He continues this work with Fortify to build the print setup and optimization software tools for their Digital Composite Manufacturing platform.
Hayden Cornwell
Application Engineer @MultiMechanics
Hayden obtained his Bachelors and Masters Degrees in Aerospace Engineering from MIT. As Application Engineer at MultiMechanics, he is responsible for working with customers to solve their material engineering problems using MultiMech.