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Fast and focused preparation of reverse cutting areas. With the split anvil.
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Reverse-cutting is a smart technology to provide your packaging with a functional and elegant tearing mechanism.

In the web session on the topic “Fast and focused preparation of reverse cutting areas. With the split anvil.” we will deal intensively with the topic of reverse-cutting. We will show you in theory and practice the technical possibilities for the realization of functional tear-off mechanisms with reverse cutting technology. We will introduce you to the split anvil, with which the make-ready of the individual reverse cutting elements can be made quick and easy from the front of the tool. For maximum performance in the production of your packaging with tear-off mechanisms.

- Greetings. Introduction of your hosts.
- Reverse-cutting.
- General information. Meaning and functionality. Presentation of split anvil.
- LIVE-Demo at the die-cutting machine
- Challenges
- Answering questions
- Good bye

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Bernhard Reisser
Sales Director International @Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG
Manfred Hoffmann
Application Engineer @Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG