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AI, Amazon, & the Future Engineer Program


Dec 11, 2018 01:59 PM

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Tom Berry
Senior Product Manager - Amazon Future Engineer @Amazon
Tom Berry is a Senior Product Manager at Amazon on Amazon Future Engineer, a childhood to career investment to expand access to computer science and high paying jobs in tech among underserved students. Before his current role, Tom worked for in Amazon.com on the Home Innovation Team. Beyond the well-known Alexa voice services, Amazon injects a particular branch of AI—machine learning—into every aspect of its business. On Home Innovation, Tom worked with his team to solve customer problems using machine learning to remove friction points in the shopping journey—for example, how to search for home furnishings visually rather than using words.
Emily Grad & Isabella Chung
Co-CEOs @Edhesive
Emily Grad and Isabella Chung are Co-CEOs of Edhesive, a comprehensive online platform to teach computer science to high schools and middle schools. Edhesive has partnered with Amazon to support the Amazon Future Engineer (AFE) program, bringing high-caliber introductory and AP computer science programs to underserved high schools around the country. Edhesive is thrilled to help support ISTE educators and school leaders in their mission to advance technology education around the globe.