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3 Truths Prove You're Not "All Set" With Digital Marketing
When asked if you are satisfied with your digital presence, have you ever told a potential vendor, “We’re all set”, “We’re all good” or “We’re the best in our 20-Group”? If so, consider joining this webinar as we unmask and solve the three inherent structural problems preventing digital companies from actually achieving your business goals.

Once you see it, you can’t unsee it - and in 30 minutes we will prove why 90% of dealers can not possibly be doing as well as they think. As always, solutions will be shared - even if you don’t want to hear them.

Hear the three reasons why digital companies can not help you achieve your goals. Discover the telltales, but not everyone is listening for them - we’ll call them out. Learn the solutions that will become obvious but not easy to implement; for dealers who want to win sales, share, and reduce cost - you’ll walk away with a plan.


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Rob Stoesser
Vice President, OEM @C-4 Analytics
Rob Stoesser brings a comprehensive knowledge of and sincere passion for the automotive industry to C-4 Analytics, where he serves as Vice President, OEM. Rob has explored and excelled in many facets of the automotive world for the better part of three decades, working directly with and for dealerships, vendors, and manufacturers worldwide.