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Tool compound/ Probe evaluation and selection - Webinar
Chemical probes are indispensable tools in modern biology. These compounds are commonly used to study gene function, validate molecular targets, or dissect complex processes within cells and organisms. Probes’ main attributes reside in their potency, selectivity, and well-defined mechanism of action, yet identifying compounds that meet all the demands of an experimental design is not a trivial task. Information on candidate probes are typically scattered over various sources, and gathering such information can be very time-consuming.

This webinar aims to introduce the main sources/providers of chemical probes along with the criteria to assess their quality. It will also provide an overview of data platforms helpful during their selection process with live demonstrations employing the Probes & Drugs portal (https://www.probes-drugs.org/, developed at the Institute of Molecular Genetics of the Czech Academy of Sciences, Prague, Czech Republic).
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Ctibor Skuta
@IMG Prague