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YOGA NIDRA - Balance your 5 Tattvas (Reduce stress, improve your balance and overall resilience.)
A 5-Day free Online Hrit Yoga Nidra Class (See days below) by Jean-Louis de Biasi
The Western and Eastern traditions consider the 5 elements (Earth, Water, Fire, Air, and Ether) as the foundation of our bodies, subtle and physical.
During these 5 free live online classes, you will be guided to a deep and safe relaxation. This state of consciousness immediately changes your brain waves and reduces stress. Then a guided meditation is used to activate and balance a Tattva (element). After each of these 5 practices, your level of stress will be considerably reduced, improving your balance and overall resilience.
We recommend attending the 5-day free online yoga nidra class, but choosing only one element is totally fine.
Registration is required, as places are limited.
- 1st Day: Monday, Mar. 23rd - Prithvi (Earth tattva)
- 2nd Day: Tuesday, Mar. 24th - Apas (Water tattva)
- 3rd Day: Wednesday, Mar. 25th - Tejas (Fire tattva)
- 4th Day: Thursday, Mar. 26th - Vayu (Air tattva)
- 5th Day: Friday, Mar. 27th - Akasha (Spirit tattva)

(You can learn more about Jean-Louis de Biasi, published author, yoga teacher, and spiritual teacher at: www.hrityoga.us and www.debiasi.org)
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