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More revenue with Shopping campaigns - Optimizing the customer journey (English) - IW Webinar #03
Our customers achieve an average of 30% - 50% of their online sales through shopping campaigns. With the help of the multi-channel funnel report from Google Analytics and the combination with other data sources (Google Ads, Merchant Center), we were able to gain deep insights and optimize shopping campaigns. This led to cost optimization and increased revenue.

Petar Rismondo will show you how to structure your ad campaigns for the win, regarding your highest grossing products and their respective margins. This will make sure that your adspend goes to the best-selling and most lucrative products.

He will teach how to optimize even more by analyzing the assisted contribution (and spend) of shopping per product in each sale. Competitor data and prices are also taken into account and analyzed to determine how they affect revenue and sales.

▶️ What to expect ▶️

⚡️ How to explode your revenues and optimize your costs
⚡️ By using a new approach to optimize your shopping campaigns
⚡️ Taking the entire customer journey into consideration

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Petar Rismondo
Online Marketing Manager SEA @internetwarriors GmbH