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Why Vote? A New Tool for Reaching One Million More Voters
There is a long standing problem in our country that holds within it a potential solution for building a more robust and just democracy: In contrast to voting rates in higher income communities, barely half of eligible voters in low-income communities exercise their right to vote.

We are ready to tackle that problem. Based on nearly three decades of innovative educational work in education, health care, social services and adult literacy, the Right Question Institute (RQI) has designed a voter engagement strategy that can lead to traditional non-voters becoming regular voters. At the core of the strategy is a simple two-page resource called “Why Vote?”. This resource makes it easier for people in low-income communities to see the connection between the services they receive and decisions elected officials make and name for themselves the value of voting.

In this interactive webinar, we will:
· unpack the rationale behind our voter engagement strategy
· have an active learning experience while using the “Why Vote?” resource
· explore best practices on how to use and share the resource

If you are:

· a frontline worker at a social services agency,
· an adult educator,
· an educator working with parents in low-income communities,
· a voter engagement enthusiast looking for an innovative and powerful strategy, or
· anyone interested in helping people they work with or people in their community become better self-advocates through voting,

we have designed this webinar so that you can walk away with a new tool to your voter engagement tool box and ideas to implement the strategy right away.

Nov 19, 2019 03:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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