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How can Applied Neuroscience training give you the edge?


Dec 2, 2019 03:47 PM

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Professor Patricia Riddell
Patricia is a Professor of Applied Neuroscience, a chartered psychologist and a chartered scientist. One of her main research interests are the ways in which neuroscience can be applied in the business world, supporting and extending our understanding of human behaviour. Patricia and Ian have worked together over the past 7 years to bring the fruits of Neuroscience research out of the lab so that everyone can have access to the practical benefits of current cutting edge neuroscience research.
Ian McDermott
Ian is the man who first brought NLP and Coaching, and then NLP and Neuroscience together. He is a thought leader in the application of NLP in numerous fields particularly leadership, innovation and collaboration. He is famous for doing extraordinary live demonstrations. Ian is a renowned trainer and author. His 15 books have been translated into 20 languages.