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Are You Using Psychographics to Target Your Audience?
You are probably asking what the heck is psychographics?

Marketing is all about knowing your customers. Psychographics is the missing ingredient in most marketing campaigns.

Demographics are used to measure factual information while psychographic research is used to measure subjective information.

If you aren’t defining your audience's’ behavior in your buyer personas then you’re missing a huge opportunity for the what, when, where and how of your messaging.

Join us on February 20, 2019 at Noon - 1PM as Steve Cross, iSynergy's Creative Director will show you how their firm leverages psychographics to target audiences for more effective content delivery and engagement.

So let's say you've defined your buyer persona, however here's an example of how you can dig a little deeper with psychographics to target your audience...

Demographics are great: female, 30-40yrs old, married, >1 child, >$115k HHI, living in Canfield; but what if you also knew that this buyer persona does yoga more than 1x week, actively volunteers with at least one advocacy group within the environmental space, and shops at an organic grocery store more than 3x month?

We’ll dive into why you need to be using psychographics and behavior in your messaging as well as how to use that data for better messaging.

Feb 20, 2019 12:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

Featured Presenter iSynergy
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Steve Cross
Creative Director @iSynergy
My time is consumed by my roles as husband, father, marketer, and entrepreneur. I would describe myself as an analytical thinker, possessing an objective perspective with a longing to be subjective. I fully believe in karma and the power of positive thinking. I despise that I am a creature of habit and need to have everything organized and scheduled, but, it works and is the most efficient way. I am constantly searching for inspiration in the world, and appreciate creativity in all forms. I often lack the filter between my mind and mouth, and in my free time, I enjoy sports, whiskey, and music.