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ABM that Works: Coordinating Campaigns to Maximize Success


Nov 12, 2019 01:30 PM

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Daniel Rodriguez
Head of Marketing @Alyce
Daniel is the Head of Marketing at Alyce, the personalized B2B gifting platform, where he develops and executes a marketing strategy focused on generating high-quality pipeline for sales and raising brand awareness. Daniel has seen his marketing team expand from 2 to 12 in 1.5 years and has been instrumental in Alyce's 1,200 percent growth during that same time frame. Daniel has been named a “MarTech Maven” thought leader by research and news site MarTech Advisor, has written about his experience in scaling a marketing team and content marketing for Forbes and CMO.com, among other publications, and has spoken at a number of industry conferences focused on marketing and the customer journey. Prior to Alyce, Daniel spent 5 years as the VP of Marketing at Seismic, the leading sales enablement platform, scaling from less than $1M of ARR to over $40M.
Stephen Farnsworth
Head of Partnerships @Outreach
Before Outreach, Stephen led corporate strategy efforts at an insurance company with a specific focus on enabling the sales team to sell new products and new markets. Stephen took a big leap into technology, landing at Outreach in its very early stages. After some time as their top SDR and SDR Manager, he moved into partnerships. He built, launched, and now directs Outreach Galaxy - Outreach's partner program.
Sandra Freeman
Head of Strategic Marketing @Engagio
Leads Engagio’s ABM strategy and programs and is energized by working with Revenue Teams. Also serves as an advisor to other ABM enthusiasts. Driven to create synergies through ABM and Demand Gen, Partners and Programs, and Data and Creativity for amazing results.