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Solis Export Management Products: EPM-5G
Solis zero export device is designed for residential and commercial PV project without approval to feedback energy to grid, or waiting for approval to feedback.
With the help of Solis zero export function, client who can not feed power to grid still can enjoy the benefit from solar generation.
Why we should use the zero export function?
The bidirectional energy flow puts forward higher requirements for the dispatching of power grid and the prediction of power consumption, so countercurrent is not allowed for some gird;
The transformer is full load and cannot accept more grid-connection capacity;
Didn’t get the grid connection license yet. Customer needs the zero export function before getting grid connection license
How to implement the zero export function?
Zero export function with CT or meter
CT or meter detect the power that back flow to grid and feed back the value to invert. If the value exceed the set value of the inverter, the inverter will reduce its output power in 5 seconds;
Zero export function with CT or meter
EPM detect the power that back flow to grid and compare with the set value. If the back flow power exceed the set value of EPM, EPM will control the inverter to reduce the output power in 5 seconds.
Solis zero export function solution
Solis provides different solution depending on the inverter model as below:
Zero export function with CT
Zero export function with meter
Zero export function with EPM
More informations, welcome to attend our webinar on June 24 only for Australia market.

Jun 24, 2020 01:30 PM in Beijing, Shanghai

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