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What people say about this presentation: Helpful Safety Tips!
LIVE PARENT WEBINAR: Hidden Safety Features on TikTok, Snapchat, Instagram, Fortnite, Youtube & Netflix
LIVE from Los Angeles! Josh Ochs will teach you hidden safety features of the hottest apps!

THOUSANDS of parents have taken part in this webinar.

-A hidden screen time feature inside of iPhones and Androids (and how to activate it to protect your family)
-A hidden part of the YouTube app to limit screen time
-A dangerous Snapchat feature (and how to turn it off)
-How to find out if your student has a second/fake Instagram account
-How TikTok can change your student’s online footprint
-How to change your student’s relationship with Fortnite (and how dangerous video games can impact students)
-A feature in Netflix that will help your family reduce screen time

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At the end of the webinar Josh will invite you to our VIP Bootcamp (Very Informed Parent) member. https://smartsocial.com/bootcamp/
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Josh Ochs
Author and National Presenter @SmartSocial.com
Josh Ochs teaches students and professionals how to thrive online so their school/employer will Shine Online™. Josh’s 6 online safety books are available on Amazon and his message teaches parents, students and professionals how to use social media with a purpose (instead of a pastime)