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The Journey to Scale - the key to achieving leverage for advice firms
If you're an adviser, accountant, broker or financial expert looking for smarter ways to manage, grow and scale up your business model, this could be the most important live session you attend this year.

Your business is on a journey.

How quickly you're able to progress your firm through the six stages that every advice firm must transverse is the game.

To have a full-scaleable business where the founder is no longer the person responsible for generating the revenue (aka the franchise-in-disguise) is the prize.

At this webinar, I'll share what those six stages are, how to know what to focus on and what to ignore at your specific stage, the payoff for getting this right (and the cost of getting it wrong) and how to make the journey as smooth as it can be.

You will leave with the insight to make sure that you avoid the ten-year journey to burnout, and instead embrace the fast track.

A workbook will be provided before this event and places will be limited.
You can choose to attend one or more of following webinars.

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Stewart Bell
Founder & Business Coach @Audere Coaching & Consulting
I'm Stewart Bell and I fix businesses. We could delve into the psychology, but let's just say I do what I do because it's hard wired. When a small business is successful, it has a positive ripple effect, giving freedom, opportunity and a remarkable life. When it goes wrong, well, let's just say that's how I discovered why I do what I do. My chosen field for this unconscious expression of a deeper need is professional services. I've been working with advice firms for two decades in all the spaces you'd expect. But there's more. At heart I'm a tech nerd and I've invested more time than anyone I looking in places where more coaches don't, playing at the edges, mashing up ideas to create breakthroughs and turning that into great content. This is my thing. My end game is that you get to keep doing what you do best successfully for many years to come, and you get to live a remarkable life because of it. Leveraged is the how.