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Morning Pitch Singapore -Osaka-Startups-
We are back with ONLINE edition of Morning Pitch, on 29th Jan, where we feature startups working in the Osaka-Startups.

Pitching startups:
- mui Lab
We advocate the concept of “Calm Technology & Design” being inspired by one of the philosophy of Taoism, “mui shizen” and bring the technology more calm and subtle to harmonize between the human, technology and nature.

- Artlogue
We are an arts tech company that innovates in the art industry with our technology. now, we are trying to promote three dimension VR museum overseas.
https://www.artlogue.org (English not available)

- Cross Fader
We launched an app called “mbeat”, that creates fun short music videos automatically synced with users' selected music. We plan to provide a new platform to support video and music creators and connect them with their followers. This app has already downloaded in over 130 countries, including Singapore, Vietnam, Indonesia and India.

- AC Biode
AC Biode, a Japanese chemistry-based start-up, recycles coal ash or biomass ash into multi-functional chemical composite.

- At
We offer the capillary analysis system, which enables to visualize the condition of blood vessels with only using your fingertip.

- Acall
provides Smart Office platform such as a smart check-in, lock, and meeting room management by using personal authentication (e.g.QR/face recognition) to companies, and building management firms.
https://corp.acall.jp/ (English not available)

- Chinogijutsu 
Non-contact aerial operation AI sensor to prevent contact infection of COVID-19 from high touch surface.

Jan 29, 2021 10:00 AM in Singapore

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