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Cannabis Retail Operators discuss consumer and patient access and employer safety during COVID-19
FlowerHire & Leafwire Present: Cannabis Retail during COVID-19
Part of our FlowerHire & Leafwire Present Series: Tune in weekly Wednesdays at 1:30pm to hear from top Cannabis operators on topics such as Cannabis Careers, Retail Operations, Public Policy, and Medical Research.

COVID-19 has adjusted the way we live our daily lives.
Everything from physically interacting with others, supporting our local businesses, and even accessing much needed medicine has been turned upside down. Just as with established industries facing times of adversity, cannabis is no exception. As the cannabis supply-chain is continuing to roll-on in most states, this unique industry is faced with yet another challenge to innovate and stay ahead of the curve - remaining operational as an “Essential Service” during the COVID-19 crisis.

What have operators on the front lines of this industry done to protect employees, patients and customers during this time with “social distancing” requirements in effect? We have seen states such as Illinois rapidly implement curbside pickup, Michigan and Delaware fast-track cannabis delivery, and companies like Cresco offer unique pop-up solutions for patients during this time of need. Will these leniencies last past this pandemic? Or will policy makers go back to their old ways? With so much time and resources from companies rushing to develop SOP’s for new business elements - does this go un-noticed by a state or municipality? How will the cannabis retail experience forever be transformed in the wake of Covid - 19?

FlowerHire and Leafwire have partnered up and assembled a panel of industry leading cannabis professional working on the front lines to not only continue access to cannabis but protect workers in these uncertain times. Join us Wednesday, April 22 at 1:30pm EST as we discuss the current state of retail during Covid-19 and the innovation allowed by states and implemented by businesses.

Is the retail experience still king? Or will delivery finally become the preferred choice of purchase?
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