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How to Sell VoIP: Finding your niche in a $140B Industry
With the VoIP market expected to grow by 9 percent, skyrocketing to a 140-billion-dollar industry by 2021, the opportunity for entrance is clear. Yet data shows that nearly half of all business still do not use VoIP because they do not understand it. And the half that do use VoIP often use it for the most mundane purposes, not recognizing its full potential. So the question of how to break through and grab this opportunity is paramount. Bicom Systems has some ideas about the missing link in this equation and shares how to find a niche and grab your share of this booming industry.

What Attendees will learn:
• How to build a VoIP business from the ground up, including infrastructure, prices, marketable features, and more.
• How to market VoIP, including breaking through to customers, superior customer service, doing promotions, and more.
• How to overcome challenges to selling VoIP, including customer fears and uncertainties, VoIP as a commodity, adding value to your products, and more.

Who should attend:
• Businesses that sell VoIP but want to do it better
• Services Providers seeking to add an additional revenue source
• Individuals interested in starting a VoIP business

Jul 17, 2018 2:00 PM in Eastern Time (US and Canada)

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Eric Johnson
New Business Representative @Bicom Systems
Eric has a Bachelor’s Degree in Economics from the University of California at Santa Barbara. Having spent 18 years working in the software industry, he has worked at Fortune 800 companies Bank of America, Control Data Corporation, and ADP. For the last nine years he has worked in the telecom space, recently as MarketPlace Director of FISPA and now as New Business Representative at Bicom Systems.
Moderator: Gerald Baldino
Contributing Editor @ChannelVision
Gerald Baldino has spent the last several years immersed in tech and telecom, reporting on a variety of key topics such as the IoT, SD-WAN, cybersecurity, data center management and more. Gerald is particularly interested in business communications and disruptive software. Gerald graduated from UMass Amherst.