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How Could the Current $3.5 Trillion Budget Bill and Potential Tax Changes Effect My Estate & Financial Plan?
Congress is looking to spend an additional $3.5 Trillion this fall. They want to fund it by raising taxes. Please join Jon Linford of Morris Hall and Micah Crabdree of KDI Wealth Management as they talk about the current status of this bill and possible outcomes. They will also discuss ways to prepare or offset these potential changes

-Roth Conversions (Prior to Tax Changes)
-Active Management with Rebalancing and Tax Harvesting
-Income and Business Tax Planning

Here are the highlights of what’s included in the proposed
tax plans:

1) New taxes on people who make over $400,000 and changes in capital gains taxes.
2) Ordinary income tax bracket changes and an increase to the top tax rate!
3) A repeal of the qualified business income deduction for people who make over
4) Decreases the Federal Estate and Gift Tax Exemption by roughly 70% to $3.5 million
at death and $1 million in lifetime gifts (currently it’s $11.7 million for a single person,
double for married).
5) Eliminates the step-up in basis tax rules that currently saves heirs an astronomical
amount of money on capital gains in many cases. If this doesn't pass, the estate tax exemption could be lowered, taxing many more estates at 40-45%.
6) Limits retirement plan tax incentives for high income earners to 26% through a
7) New 28% cap on the value of itemized deductions.

Arizona: 2pm
New Mexico: 3pm

Sep 23, 2021 02:00 PM in Arizona

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Jon Linford
Attorney and Partner @Morris Hall, PLLC
Jon was raised in Arizona as the oldest of seven children. He attended law school at the University of Arizona. During law school, he was received recognition for excellence in legal writing. Jon has worked with individual clients on many matters and discovered that his true passion was assisting families in estate planning and administration.
Micah Crabdree, CRPS®, CPFA®
Regional Vice President, Wealth Advisor @KDI Wealth Management
Micah works with clients to develop and implement their individualized financial plan, manage investment assets, and provide wealth management advice. Micah uses his expertise and client relations experience to help his clients overcome outdated portfolios through personalized strategies that are specific to each client’s needs. His mission is to help others make better decisions with their money so they can achieve what is most important to them and their families. An early professional career in the outdoor industry led to him living in South Africa, Oregon, and California, but Micah is happy to be back in the state he loves and is proud to call Northern Arizona his home. Outside the office, you will find Micah getting involved in many activities that involve helping the community and youth. Micah grew up in Payson, Arizona, and later attended Northern Arizona University. Micah, his wife Kathryn, and their two sons enjoy spending time in the great outdoors.