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Webinar : Digitization & Sustainability solutions for Laboratories
Digitization & Sustainability solutions for Laboratories
Laboratory performance directly affects the quality of finished product and the operating cost. Several factors can adversely affect the performance. One critical, but often ignored, aspect is the infrastructure and environmental conditions.

Digitalization and the Internet of Things (IoT) are transforming industries and delivering operational improvements in facilities.

Insights from the infrastructure helps bridge the gap between operational efficiency, occupant experience, and sustainable infrastructure. Whether it’s an existing or a new infrastructure, an entire research facility or a laboratory, a greenfield or a brownfield project, insights can drive efficiencies.

During this webinar we will deal with:
1. WAGES (Water to Steam) based Energy Management for cost optimization
2. Electrical Distribution for Safety and Reliability for increased uptime
3. Environmental Compliance to meet GMP/ 21 CFR standards

Join the webinar to understand how you can leverage digital technologies to prepare laboratories for the future.

Oct 27, 2021 04:00 PM in India

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Sridhar Shenoy
General Manager for Energy & Sustainability Services @Schneider Electric
Sridhar, an energy management specialist professional, is a certified Energy Manager from Bureau of Energy Efficiency. At present, Sridhar is working as General Manager in Schneider Electric for Energy & Sustainability Services. Previously, Sridhar has held positions in Conzerv System, Aplab & HighTemp in Industrial Automation and Energy Management Solution & Digitization. Sridhar has executed over 100 WAGES based Energy Management & Sustainability projects and providing solutions to customers in India and across the globe.