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Microsegmentation Made Easy
According to a recent study, 70% of cybersecurity leaders understand that microsegmentation is the best way to protect their organization’s network and assets from high-profile breaches. But microsegmentation can be extremely difficult to implement (at least manually). This is because a typical network consists of thousands, or even tens of thousands of elements.

Zero Networks has pioneered a new approach, making microsegmentation easy and effective. With Zero Networks, your organization has virtually no network attack surface. And we do it without the hassle of manual segmentation, rule manipulation, or agents.

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What you’ll see:

- Our automated microsegmentation solution: Zero Networks adapts to your environment, keeping only the necessary connections between machines open.
- How we use adaptive MFA (Multi Factor Authentication) to help make segmentation easy: We promise uninterrupted usage for non-admin users (attackers do not use that to spread), with MFA for temporary access to admin ports.
- How you can segment your network with a single click.

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