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Understanding Learner Variability as a Solution to EdTech Equity Challenges

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Vic Vuchic
Chief Innovation Officer @Digital Promise Global
A seasoned thought- leader in education technology and philanthropy, Vic received his M.Ed. from Stanford University and is an expert in learning science, innovation, and scaling what works. He has launched game-changing initiatives that have increased access to education and improved learning for tens of millions of learners in the Americas, Europe, Asia, and Africa. Prior to DPG, Vic consulted with a number of foundations and organizations on education technology, innovation, and philanthropy. Prior to consulting, Vic developed strategies and managed over $100 million in technology-focused grants at the Hewlett Foundation to launch and grow the Open Educational Resources movement and create and advance the Deeper Learning strategy.
Wendy Xiao
Program Manager, Learner Variability Project @Digital Promise Global
Wendy Xiao oversees the strategies research process and works with partners to infuse learning sciences research on learner variability to improve their products and classroom practice. Prior to joining DPG, Wendy was pursuing her master’s and concurrently working with a number of edtech products. She previously taught in the elementary division of a school for children with learning differences, focusing on reading and dance instruction. She earned her M.A. in Learning, Design & Technology from Stanford Graduate School of Education and her B.S. in Neuroscience from Duke University.
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