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Using Verifiable Credentials to Reopen Our Society and Economy


May 13, 2020 10:50 AM

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Riley Hughes
Founder & CEO @Streetcred ID
Riley co-founded Streetcred ID in 2019, one of the first full-stack self-sovereign identity developer platforms. Prior to that, he was the second hire at the Sovrin Foundation, a nonprofit that governs a widely-adopted commercial SSI network, leading business development, strategy, and governance. Riley has a background in venture capital and start-up advisory and is passionate about helping businesses take SSI from concept to implementation. Streetcred ID is a contributor to several initiatives to address COVID-19 including the COVID Credentials Initiative (CCI) and SafeEntryBC.
Lucy Yang
Director of Operations @Northern Block
Lucy joined Northern Block in 2018 after finishing her MBA at University of Toronto, leading operations, business development, and marketing. She has played a key role in founding #SSIToronto and shaping Northern Block’s strategic direction towards self-sovereign identity. Lucy is co-chairing the coordination and communications group at CCI, a global verifiable credential initiative to combat COVID-19. Lucy has a background in start-up operations and go-to-market strategies, having had multiple entrepreneurial undertakings herself and advising numerous ventures. Lucy also holds a Master’s Degree in Anthropology and proudly calls herself a lifelong anthropologist.
Pieter Verhagen
Senior Business Development Manager @TNO
Pieter has been working at the forefront of turning tomorrow’s technologies into today’s business opportunities for the past 15 years. His organization TNO, an independent applied science research institute in the Netherlands, has co-founded a consortium with innovative SSI developer Ledger Leopard, joined by key influencers such as Rabobank, EY and Dutch Blockchain Coalition to leverage verifiable credentials to reopen society in a privacy-preserving way. uNLock, the application they developed, enables essential health workers and caregivers to resume access to nursing homes and help people in need, which include their own families.