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They are here, but do they belong? How to create a culture of belonging
Rapid innovation and globalization has had significant impact the global workforce, changing how we work and lead within our organizations. Today’s organizations are more diverse than ever before and in more ways than we could have ever known. As the workplace becomes more culturally and age-diverse, learning to embrace these changes is essential to not only survive—but thrive—in this new era of innovation and disruption.

But why are so organizations getting it right? Organizations are still struggling to recruit, engage and retain diverse talent because their focus has NOT been in the right place. All of the efforts made into more diverse recruitment materials and processes and more inclusive policies and benefits packages will not succeed if the culture of the organization does not foster belongingness. To feel a sense of belonging is a fundamental human emotional need to be connected to others and accepted as a member of a group.

Tamara Thorpe is Leadership and Organizational Excellence coach, trainer, and strategist, and a champion for intercultural and multi-generational teams. In this webinar, she will share 5 core truths designed to shift how organizations understand difference, and 5 “good practices” to help organizations move beyond their more superficial practices to foster belonging within the workplace.
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Tamara Thorpe
Tamara Thorpe is a Leadership and Organizational Excellence Strategist, she helps the next generation of leaders get their leadership right from the start. Her work is built on over twenty years of experience in organizational leadership, education, and training. After earning a degree in Linguistics from the University of California, San Diego and a Masters in Leadership and Training from Royal Roads University in Victoria, British Columbia, Tamara became a solopreneur to design and deliver life changing programs for both emerging and seasoned leaders. She has taken her business and brand global with businesses in the US and Ireland. She is a recognized thought-leader in leadership and generational differences and has been a guest expert on the top podcasts, blogs and radio shows for Millennial leaders.
Barbara Bartczak
Consultant / Coach / Speaker @European Institute for Intercultural Development
Barbara Bartczak has almost 20 years of experience working with global leaders and their teams. Her mission is to make complex interactions between people and organisations friendly and simple. She is the Founder of EIFID and as such she is greatful for having the opportunity to speak with highly interesting guests.