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SACAP The Practice Dialogue | Creativity and harm reduction counselling
Harm reduction is increasingly becoming the preferred approach when working with substance users as we recognize that abstinence is only one possible goal on a larger, more realistic continuum. However, while many of us know “our politics” around harm reduction, it can be useful to collectively reflect on how we define problem substance use (“addiction”) and build a framework to understand the context of drug and alcohol use in our communities.

International visiting scholar, Rahim Thawer, will discuss the multiple functions of drugs and alcohol in our lives and consider when use is a problem and when is it not. He will also draw on the ABC model (activator-behaviour-consequence) derived from Structured Relapse Prevention (published by the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health – Toronto) to explore what specific harm reduction strategies can look like before, during, and after use.

Join The Practice Dialogue Workshop Series with Rahim Thawer and SACAP’s Social Work and Community Development Faculty. RSVP here to join us on 10 March 2022 from 18:00.

Mar 10, 2022 06:00 PM in Johannesburg

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Rahim Thawer (MSW, RSW)
International Visiting Scholar @SACAP
Rahim Thawer has had a strong presence in Canada’s LGBTQ community since he began working in the HIV/AIDS sector in 2008. He completed his undergraduate degree at the University of Waterloo majoring in psychology and a double-minor in political science and English language & literature. He also completed a Master of Social Work at the University of Toronto in 2011. He works as a psychotherapist, clinical supervisor, facilitator and public speaker, sessional lecturer, writer, and community organizer. Rahim loves all things mental health & is particularly interested in examining innovation in queer relationships. Whether in a classroom or therapy consulting room, he strives to operate from a harm reduction, sex-positive, anti-oppressive & trauma-informed approach. This is complemented by his vast public speaking portfolio, which is both thematically and regionally diverse. Rahim has welcomed as an International Visiting Scholar with SACAP for the 2021-2022 academic year.