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Hybrid – PEG and pull-through PEG: advanced techniques increase patient safety
Chairs & Speakers:
• Ulrike Beilenhoff, Germany
• Dr. Christian Bojarski, Germany
• Prof. Dr KE Grund, Germany
• Jorgert Kishta, Germany

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Classic pull-trough PEG requires several safety aspects by endoscopists and assisting nurses. The Hybrid-PEG combines the advantages of gastropexy with those of the classic pull-through PEG and increases patient safety. Clinical data confirm how patient safety can be increased by structured training, appropriate safe placement and advanced nurses’ roles.
• Structured training programme for PEG placement – advanced role for nurses
• Patient pathway for PEG Placement
• How to dot it properly – safety issue for classic pull-through PEG & Hybrid PEG
• Hybrid-PEG – clinical experience with more than 300 Hybrid-PEGs
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