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[Webinar] Benchmark: AWS DocumentDB vs. MongoDB on Bigstep Metal Cloud
Benchmark Webinar: AWS DocumentDB vs. MongoDB on Bigstep Metal Cloud
On March 14th, Bigstep will host a webinar where we compare the performance of DocumentDB on AWS with MongoDB on Bigstep Metal Cloud. We will benchmark both MongoDB(v4) on Bigstep Bare Metal Cloud and AWS DocumentDB using JMeter for the following:

- Throughput
- Latency
- Scalability and cost comparison

We will go through the setup steps of production-ready Mongo DB cluster on bare metal servers, describe the Mongo DB custom sampler for Jmeter, test and measure results with various JMeter plugins as well as performance tools native to Mongo DB. Setup will include loading nodes and different stress tests for CPU, memory, and network.

On AWS we will configure a DocumentDB cluster and loading EC2 instances, test the throughput and latency for read/write operations.

Mar 14, 2019 4:30 PM in Bucharest

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Cosmin Pintoiu
Solutions Architect @Bigstep Cloud
Cosmin has extensive experience in designing and implementing complex big data projects. His primary focus is providing real-time data pipelines allowing reactive decision-making. Cosmin is helping customers begin their journey with big data workloads by providing meaningful insights on the products and services that are appropriate for their use case. Cosmin is experienced in working with Spark, Kafka, Streamsets, Couchbase and Cassandra, backed by over six years of solution implementation on critical banking systems.