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FR0314 Erin Hartwell - Painting a Bust
Busts are a fantastic way to up your face-painting game! Since the figure is larger, we have more room to play with color, detail and directional lighting. I find the larger the figure, the less forgiving it is in terms of blended transitions; so a good knowledge of blending techniques such as wet blending, glazing or 2 brush blending is essential for this class. Expect to be frustrated at first in your transitions, even if your blending skills are top notch. This is normal. Also, it is totally fixable during the process of painting, and I promise to demonstrate how to fix our happy accidents as we go! Also having a basic knowledge of anatomy will help. I may use medical terms, but will do my best to explain them, and I try to keep things E for everyone. This is a demo class designed to show you how approach a bust or larger figure such as a giant. I may move very quickly at first, and potentially could go over time as we refine the face. Given the time allotted, I will not have an opportunity to explain basic terms, so I posted this as advanced to allow us to cover more. Be aware, finishing a bust can take upwards of 20-30 hours, so we may not have time to get to everything. My goal with this class is to show you how to bring out the personality of a sculpt, and use color in a more expressive manner… and to take away the fear of a larger figure for those wanting to advance their painting skills. The larger the risk, the greater the warm fuzzy reward when we finish!

Bust PDF: https://drive.google.com/file/d/1EOEr7L1PSuIPud82AhPnjFewKSfnYg-M/view?usp=sharing

Sep 4, 2020 02:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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