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Creativity and Why Your Business Depends on it
Creativity and Why Your Business Depends on it

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Brenda Cernat
Rapid Transformational Practitioner @Blue Phoenix Rising
Inspiring people is something we all do our whole lives no matter the scale or stage. Inspiring ourselves to be more and become more of our authentic selves must be our life’s goal. A level-head individual born, raised, and schooled in Estcourt, Kwa Zulu Natal. I moved to Gauteng in 1997, carrying my worldly possessions in a single tog bag, and since then, my life has been filled with lessons, losses, joys, sorrows, and Satori moments. My drive and determination brought me to where I am today, and I believe that all things are possible. If humans could have superpowers, mine would most certainly include the ability to see solutions, deeply connecting with people and human emotion, and being focused. When I’m not working, I indulge in down-to-earth relaxation such as cooking, reading, dancing, watching and playing tennis, and gardening. Something I always make time for, and hold dear, is creating special experiences for my family and friends.
Zama Mkosi
Media and Entertainment Lawyer, Creative Industry Business and Policy Specialist @Mkosi Inc
Zama is a lawyer, a business advisor, an entrepreneur, an investor, a thought leader, a wife, a mother and most importantly a Christian. As a commercial attorney with over 22 years’ experience in Executive, COO and CEO roles in both the private and public sector, she offers legal, business and strategic professional services to companies and institutions, providing clients with critical guidance and strategic tools to enable them to profitably participate in the local and global economy. The bulk of her professional experience has been spent within the media and creative industry. Her academic pursuits are geared towards finding ways of developing the African creative industry so that it generates lucrative business opportunities and much needed jobs for the thousands of young people who are struggling to find sustainable work across the continent.