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How To Stop, Delay and Even Reverse Aging : The World Has Changed
Aging has biology. We all know who is old and who is young. What many do not realize is that this biology drives age-related diseases and it can be targeted. We can work with biology to delay, stop and in some cases, even reverse part of aging.

The last pandemic has demonstrated how vulnerable older adults are. Join Dr. Nir Barzilai as he uses his learnings over the years and specifically 2020, to help us be better prepared for the next pandemic by hacking the aging process.

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May 21, 2021 06:00 PM in India

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Nir Barzilai
Director of Aging Center @Albert Einstein College of Medicine
Dr. Barzilai is a chaired Professor of Medicine and Genetics and Director of one of the the biggest centers in the world to study the Biology of Aging. He is also the principal investigator of the Einstein Nathan Shock Center and the Glenn center. He studies families of centenarians that have provided genetic/biological insights on the protection against aging.