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FREE Questions & Answers Online Meeting With Wendy from
5.30pm GMT | 12.30pm EST | 9.30am PTS

Join me this Saturday for 2 hours of FREE training combined with a question and answer session about healing your Endometriosis naturally.

Are you curious about how you can heal your Endometriosis naturally?

Do you want to hear Wendy's success story - and how her Principles and Protocols are helping women all over the world get out of pain and get their lives back?

Hear the TRUTH about Endometriosis - and how YOU can start to take back control of your body and your life.

At the end we will be talking about the upcoming 12 Week Foundation Program starting in early October if you feel you would like to get more support and learn about the Road Map & Tools.

This Q & A will also answer any questions for Coaches or Therapists who wish to further their practise and to train to become a Heal Endometriosis Naturally Practitioner.

Bring your questions this Saturday or one of the following;
5.30pm GMT | 12.30pm EST | 9.30am PTS
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