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"FluidFM – A Novel Toolbox in Neuroscience" - Pattern, stimulate, inject into, and analyze single neurons
Join our free webinar on Thursday, 15 July 2021 at 4 pm CEST.

Dr. Paul Monnier from Cytosurge will show how FluidFM paves the way to novel research at the single-cell level in neuroscience.

Studying cellular mechanisms underlying the function of the nervous system is of paramount importance to better comprehend neurological disorders.

FluidFM provides a wide range of innovative methods; from controlled patterned growth to single-cell manipulation, stimulation, and analysis in a gentle manner perfectly suited for sensitive cells such as neurons.

In this webinar, we provide an overview of the extensive functionalities that the FluidFM technology offers for cellular neurobiology:

• Pattern: Prepare your template for customized neuronal networks by printing surface patterns.
• Pick & Place: Pick your neuron and place it at a specific position.
• Stimulate: precisely deposit neurotransmitters, ions, or toxins on a specific cell and position, without the need of tedious caging / uncaging strategies.
• Inject: deliver any soluble compound - e.g. CRISPR RNPs - into the cytosol or directly into the nucleus.
• Analyze: Investigate the single-cell content by extracting cytosolic or nuclear content on the spot.


Dr. Paul Monnier, Technical Sales Manager, Cytosurge AG
Dr. Martin Winter, Managing Director, Lab Automation Network

• Introduction by Lab Automation Network
• Introduction of the FluidFM technology
• Functionalities of FluidFM for neurobiology
• Q&A
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