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Talks - How Space Technologies Contribute to Improving Life on Earth - with Krystal Azelton
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During this week's Space Store Live! event, Krystal will be discussing Secure World Foundation’s mission to ensure space sustainability through the work the Foundation does, exploring the importance and impact of sustainability in space and why we, here on Earth, derive so much benefit from sustainable practices in the satellite and space industry.

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Oct 22, 2020 07:00 PM in London

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Krystal Azelton
Director of Space Applications Programs @Secure World Foundation
Krystal Azelton (née Wilson) has over 10 years of international and domestic space, public policy, and management experience. Prior to joining SWF, Ms. Azelton was a consultant at Access Partnership, where she worked with international satellite service providers and other leading technology companies on policy issues related to spectrum management, emergency communications, telecommunications standards, orbital debris, and multilateral processes including representing industry at the Inter-American Telecommunication Commission. She has also served as a project manager at the Tauri Group, a leading aerospace analytics firm, providing research, analysis, strategic planning, and regulatory assessment to government and commercial clients. She led and supported production of NASA’s strategic plans, audits, performance plans, budgets, and annual reports. Her work exposed to the full range of NASA’s Earth observation, human exploration, and aviation programs.