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Indoor Ag-Conversations and the Association For Vertical Farming Present: Harnessing the Growing Synergy Between Space Farming & Terrestrial Indoor Agriculture


Oct 7, 2020 12:56 PM

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Dr David Bubenheim
Senior Research Scientist @NASA Ames Research Center
Dr. Bubenheim’s studies focus on crop physiology and plant ecophysiology. He has developed plant-based, life support systems to provide the food, air, and water for self-sufficient, human settlements on Mars. This work included high-performance controlled environment crop production coupled with waste and water recycle systems to demonstrate for the first time the feasibility for using plant-based, regenerative systems within the limited resources available is space applications. His research into photosynthetic efficiency and resource use has been applied to study of terrestrial and aquatic invasive plants, aiding in adaptive ecosystem management strategies in response to climate change. In addition to flying experiments on the Russian Space Station Mir and the International Space Station (ISS), he serves as mentor and advisor to students currently flying a series of plant experiments on ISS.
Dr. Gary Stutte
President @SyNRGE
SyNRGE develops technology for growing plants in space and applying it on Earth. Dr. Stutte is also a horticulturalist, plant physiologist and space biologist. In this role, Stutte developed and tested controlled environment technology at Kennedy Space Center. In addition, he also conducted multiple experiments onboard the International Space Station. Stutte is also a pioneer in use of LED lighting to increase nutritional value salad crops grown in CEA. SyNRGE, LLC is headquartered in the Space Life Science Lab, Exploration Park, Florida
Ralph Fritsche
Space Crop Production Product Manager @NASA
Fritsche is leading the effort to develop sustainable and reliable fresh food systems in support of long duration space missions beyond low Earth orbit. Hebegan his career with NASA in 1989. He has supported the US Space Shuttle and Space Station Programs in various engineering and operational roles. Mr. Fritsche is also a recipient of the NASA Exceptional Service Medal. In addition, he has also earned a dual BS degree in Physics and Space Science from the Florida Institute of Technology in 1979.