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Highered Masterclass - Understanding Online Assessments for the Recruitment Process
Amber Wigmore Alvarez, Ph.D., Chief Innovation Officer (CIO) of Highered, welcomes you to a Highered “Career Journeys” masterclass on Career Assessments. Career decisions are amongst the most important you will make in your life. Understanding your strengths and development needs in relation to your professional competencies and competency areas will help guide you as you continue along your career journey. Take the Aon’s Assessment Solutions (available to you free of charge on your school’s Highered site) and see how you score in the two Business Reasoning tests completed, which measure how capable you are in grasping and analyzing business-related verbal and numerical data. From this, a benchmark profile emerges indicating which strengths you can build on in comparison to other people, and which competencies you need to take care of to ensure long-term professional success. While your individual development needs depend on your professional ambitions, you are advised to build upon your strengths but pay attention to factors that may lead to serious problems and barriers to success in the long run. Considering the increasing importance of online assessments during selection processes, this is a session not to be missed! Make the most of the masterclass by having completed your Aon’s Assessment Solution online prior and have your report on hand and ready to ask any questions during this debriefing with the experts!

Feb 27, 2020 05:00 PM in Oslo

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