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It's Okay to Not be Okay: Young Adults with OCD Navigating Through Life's Biggest Changes
Being a young adult is hard enough as is. Life takes lots of twists and turns during the late teens and early twenties. Deciding where to go to school, what to do for a career, who to date and the list goes on and on. When OCD sets in, it makes these already difficult life milestones even harder to manage. Tune in with young adult panelists, Zach Westerbeck, Thomas Smalley & Cali Werner, to see how they navigated through this part of their lives. These individuals are all mental health advocates that are successfully making a difference in the world today. You can make a difference and take control over your OCD, too. Tune in!

Schedule of Events (CST):
7:00 - 7:05PM Introductions
7:05 - 8:00PM Organized Q&A
8:00 - 8:25PM Q&A Open to Participants
8:25 - 8:30PM Closing Statements

Oct 15, 2019 07:00 PM in Central Time (US and Canada)

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Cali Werner, LMSW
Cali Werner, LMSW and Rice University graduate, works at the Houston OCD Program and Peace of Mind Foundation. Cali struggled with OCD from a young age but her struggles increased during her time as a collegiate athlete where she finally received appropriate ERP treatment that changed her life. This experience motivated Cali to strive for improvements in OCD treatment leading her to a job at the Houston OCD Program as an OCD clinician and researcher. Her career also involves OCD advocacy with the Peace of Mind Foundation where she co-facilitates support groups, OCD 101 talks, and does whatever else she can to assist in improving the future of OCD treatment for sufferers.
Zach Westerbeck
Zach Westerbeck is a mental health public speaker with a PASSION for helping college students and organizations understand the complexities of depression and anxiety in today’s modern world. In 2016, he experienced crippling depression and anxiety for the first time in his life. During this time period, he had thoughts of suicide, felt alone, scared and unsure of what his future had in store for him. He suffered in silence for over a year before finally seeking help. This is why it is his mission to erase the stigma and normalize mental health issues by educating and sharing his story with as many students as possible. His goal is to make the uncomfortable conversation around mental health comfortable in hopes that it will save a life. Through his personal experiences and extensive research, he is able to relate and clearly articulate why now more than ever it is critical to understand how to manage your mental health.
Thomas Smalley
Thomas Smalley is a Senior Psychology major at Siena College and the IOCDF Hero Award 2019 nominee. He has been advocating for OCD and the mental health stigma for the past 5 years and has spoken at 5 IOCDF National conferences.