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"The perfect waste nick. With the marbanick|2+."
Nicks guarantee good machine performance during the die cutting process. Transport nicks ensure that the cardboard sheet is transported safely through the die cutting machine.
Functional nicks provide the functionality of opening mechanisms. Finally, waste nicks are responsible for smooth stripping processes.

In our web session on "The perfect waste nick", we will look in detail at the topic of waste nicks. Why it is so important that these are made professionally and what impact sub-optimal waste nicks have on productivity in packaging production. We will introduce you to the marbanick|2+, with which you can insert waste nicks quickly, reliably, consistently and precisely. For a safe manufacturing process of your packaging.

- Types of nicks.
- Challenges of waste nicks.
- Current situation in practice.
- Introduction marbanick|2+. (Field of application and function)
- LIVE presentation: marbanick|2+ in use.
- Your advantages.

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Andre Angermeir
General Sales Manager Die Supplies & Automation @Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG
Thomas Duba
Application Engineer @Karl Marbach GmbH & Co. KG