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Saturn Cloud Webinar: From Laptop to Cluster (Moving from local environments to Dask in the cloud)
When computing power fails to keep up with growing data sets, data scientists face the challenge of working outside their familiar local environment to get the job done. But transitioning from your local computer to a distributed cloud cluster doesn’t have to be intimidating. In fact, with the right platform and framework, it can be pretty seamless.

In this webinar, learn how to access Dask clusters so that you can expand your analysis beyond your local machine’s capabilities and learn best practices for using Dask. We will talk about:

- Dask and how it works
- Practical examples for accessing Dask clusters
- How to apply Dask to your own analyses
- Advanced Dask topics, such as error handling and logging


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Nathan Ballou
Senior Data Scientist @Saturn Cloud
Nathan Ballou is a Senior Data Scientist at Saturn Cloud, a cloud workspace for the whole data science team. Prior to working at Saturn Cloud, Nathan worked as a data science consultant and as an operations research analyst. When Nathan’s not evangelizing machine learning at Saturn Cloud, he can be found rowing on the Patapsco River in Baltimore.