Small Business VoIP Solutions

Get a small business VoIP system with enhanced features and zero fuss to help you communicate more reliably, efficiently, and affordably.

Cloud VoIP makes your business more agile

As a small business, you have unique needs. Business VoIP phone service gives you and your team greater flexibility to serve your customers and effectively grow the business, no matter where you are.

Seamless business phone — even when you’re not in the office

Worried about missing calls when you’re not in the office? With business VoIP phone service, free yourself from the landline and make or receive calls from virtually anywhere.

Switching to a business VoIP phone service allows you to stay agile and enhance your team’s ability to work remotely. Going beyond the limits of traditional on-premise telephony enables you to adapt to shifting customer demands and maintain business continuity in situations that take you out of the office for an extended period of time.

Cloud VoIP phone vs. landlines

VoIP Phone Systems

  • Softphone software lets you make calls from your computer, smartphone or tablet
  • Make and receive calls from anywhere using an internet-connected device
  • Upgrade to the latest software automatically
  • Easily set up call forwarding, auto-attendant, and other features
  • Add and remove lines with the click of a button
  • Your VoIP provider manages and maintains your phone system


  • Physical phone hardware required
  • Making and receiving calls are limited to your physical location
  • Hardware upgrades are costly and time-consuming
  • Business features often come at an extra cost
  • Extra extensions require additional hardware and implementation time
  • Specialized IT technicians needed for maintenance

Zoom Phone for business features

Secure and reliable

Zoom Phone provides standards-based encryption for SIP signalling over TLS 1.2 Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) 256-bit algorithm, and up to AES 256-bit SRTP encryption for media. Zoom was first to market with256-bit encryption on desk phones with Yealink and Poly.


Easily add new or modify phone licences and numbers as your business grows.

Easy-to-understand plans with predictable costs.

With a variety of plans that include unlimited calling, you don’t have to worry about per-minute charges.

Global availability

Zoom Phone’s Global Select plan offers unlimited domestic calling in dozens of countries and territories.

Central administration

Monitor call quality and usage, access call detail records, easily provision and manage users, and access powerful business data via a central administrator portal.

Easy transition from a phone call to a video meeting

Press a button to seamlessly add video to your voice communications.

Zoom Phone plans start as little as $10/month per user with a paid Zoom Meetings license. Compare plans and view our optional add-on capabilities.

Buy Now
Pay As You Go
$10 /month/user
  • US & Canada Number
  • Metered Rates
  • Make & receive calls from multiple devices and/or apps
Unlimited Regional Calling
$15 /month/user
  • US & Canada Number
  • Unlimited calling within US and Canada
  • Advanced phone features
  • Make & receive calls from multiple devices and/or apps
  • Optional add-on: unlimited calling to 18 countries/territory
Local Calling in 40+ Countries
$20 /month/user
  • Direct dial number
  • Unlimited domestic calling in 40+ countries and territory
  • Advanced phone features
  • Make & receive calls from multiple devices and/or apps
  • Optional add-on: unlimited calling to 18 countries/territory

Zoom Phone Hardware

Cloud VoIP systems for small businesses don’t require anything other than an internet-connected device, such as your laptop, smartphone, or tablet, to make and receive calls. But if you don’t want to get rid of your desk phone just yet, Zoom Phone has hardware options for every budget.

Hardware from trusted partners

Keep your desk phone with supported hardware from leading brands, or use a headset with your softphone for a high-quality audio experience. See our full list of supported phone devices.

Hardware as a Service

Deploy a complete phone solution at a predictable, affordable monthly rate through our Hardware as a Service program. Easily upgrade to the latest phone technology without investing a fortune in equipment.

How to move to a business VoIP system

Are you thinking about switching your small business phone service to VoIP? Making the transition to a cloud VoIP phone system like Zoom Phone is quick, easy, and offers a variety of options to meet your business needs. Here are a few considerations to keep in mind.

How to choose your business VoIP phone service

Make sure your small business VoIP provider offers services and features that meet your current and future needs. Will your VoIP provider support your business with flexible, affordable plans and a phone system that allows you to scale easily as you grow?

Port your existing number(s)

Porting phone numbers to a new provider can require expertise to ensure you don’t run into delays or issues. Look for a VoIP provider with an expert team that can help you streamline and simplify the process.

Design your phone system

Business VoIP solutions offer a number of customizable features. You can set up auto attendants, call queues, recordings, or integrate with CRM or contact center platforms. Simplify your phone hardware with IP desk phones or switch completely to softphones with headsets. Cloud VoIP technology gives you the ultimate flexibility to tailor your phone service to your specific business needs.

Download desktop and mobile apps

Most business VoIP phone services provide mobile and desktop apps to make and receive calls. Zoom’s desktop and mobile apps offer a unified communications experience, allowing you to elevate your phone call to a video call, or place a call on hold on one device and retrieve it from another.

One platform for all your communication needs

Zoom helps cost-savvy small businesses stay connected with a single unified communications solution for phone, video meetings, webinars, and chat. Invest your resources wisely in one UCaaS platform that will give employees the tools they need to collaborate, enhance productivity, and communicate effectively.

Small business cloud VoIP FAQ

Business VoIP solutions are generally more cost-effective for small businesses because they have fewer fees and add-on expenses. Simplify your phone costs with plans that include unlimited calling (no more metered minutes to share between users), enhanced business features at no extra cost, transparent monthly rates per user, and no set-up fees.

VoIP for small businesses allows several different options for choosing or keeping your business phone number. You can port phone numbers from your existing service provider or procure new ones. As a small business, keeping your existing phone number allows you to transition to VoIP service seamlessly with minimal disruption to your customers.

Long-distance calls using a landline are often charged by the minute, which can lead to unpredictable phone bills. VoIP plans often include options for international calling at a monthly or annual flat rate. If you do business globally, look for a business VoIP phone plan that offers unlimited international calling.

Setup costs of moving to a small business VoIP system are much lower than setting up a traditional landline system. Legacy on-premises solutions require extensive infrastructure and equipment, which are costly to install and maintain. VoIP business phone service requires virtually no infrastructure, other than an existing internet connection. You don’t even need to purchase desk phones because you can use any device, such as a smartphone or computer, to make calls.

Your small business VoIP provider also will handle the maintenance and management of your phone system as part of your monthly plan at an affordable, predictable price per user.

Business VoIP solutions require nothing more than an internet-connected device with a microphone and speaker to get started (you can also use a headset if you prefer). You can make and receive calls from your smartphone, tablet, or computer using a “softphone,” which is software that allows you to transmit calls over the internet.

If you’re used to a desk phone, Zoom Phone supports a number of hardware options that allow you to provide the traditional desk phone experience while enjoying all the benefits of VoIP service.

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