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Comment: As a member of the Literature Committee I believe that when other committees (including the Board and its sub-committees) produces literature, the Literature Committee should feel free to do more that merely review the document for stylistic consistency. It should also review the document in the light of its consistency with already existing Conference Approved Literature, its consistency with the original concept (if that concept originated with the World Service Conference), its implications for other literature the committee is currently working on or planning, and the proposed publication plans for the document. The Literature Committee give to the committee creating the document its recommendation regarding these issues and that committee will respond to those recommendations before the Literature Committee gives the literature its “blessing.”
Kathleen Hagelthorn
So to be clear, I believe what Michigan is concerned about is not having CAL affixed before the fellowship has had a chance to actually see the document and work with it.
Sara S (Paris)
Hi Everyone—I have to get off, I’m the moderator of the Traditions workshop that follows this so I have to get off and open the meeting. Hope to see alot of you in a few minutes.
Eileen Wiard
Thank you, Sara!!
Eileen Wiard