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Advanced PPC Strategies - Shared screen with speaker view
Lokeshramu Elangoven
Can i get the recorded video?
Yoel Beck
HI, Does the keywords that move to exact campaigns acutually move out from auto campaigns in to the manual campaign or they are kept in both?
Lindsay Zacharko
Should we keep the broad match and exact match within the same campaign (separate ad groups tho) or create separate campaigns for each?
Ashish saini
how to find out amazon high sarching best keywords.
Yolanda Huang
Any reason why you wouldn't move converting search terms from Auto campaigns to both Broad Manual and Exact Campaigns? Instead of waiting for the Broad Manual to covert and then moving to Exact Manual.
Adam Casey
I don't understand how this works. From what I can see there is no option in AMS to allow us to add negative keywords into an Auto campaigns?
Jim Buck
I have 6 auto campaigns and when I try to set the automatic settings for the keywords the box does not show all six, and it does not let me see any more than two in the box, plus it does not scroll down.