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Microboards 101: An Introduction to a Person-Centered Solution Offering Full Accountability, Active Community Support, and Lifelong Continuity of Care - Shared screen with speaker view
Stella Beard
I am not seeing anything in the chat to download?
Miso Kwak
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Denise Myler
Denise Myler: I am still not seeing presentation slides download link.
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This webinar will be captioned in English and Spanish. To view the Spanish captioning, please use this link: https://www.streamtext.net/player?event=HSRI-SPANISH
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Bevin Croft
Thanks Christopher and team!!!
Bevin Croft
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Bevin Croft
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Carole DeInnocentiis
Who funds a State Microboard Association? Do he microboards pay dues? What if you live in a state that doesn't have a microboard association?
Teresa Parks
Could you share about how a microboard and the PATH process might be a tool for IEP development?
M Strohmeyer
Is there a way to identify what states are in the developmental phase of building microboard associations?
We will post the pdf slides, a Plain Language summary, and a recording of the webinar on ncapps.acl.gov within two weeks.
Kathleen Meyer
Does the micro board need to incorporate and get IRS recognition as a not for profit corporation?
Natalie Rispoli
Do any microboards exist that are made up of a coalition of two or more circles of support?
Miriam Bennett
Is this microboard model financially feasable for a lower income person/community need? It is difficult to parse out the finances behind the stories.
Eileen Healy
Maybe I missed it, but are Microboard Associations required to to have individual Microboards?
Robin Buckwalter
Is there a written guideline anywhere on the specifics of how to micro board…. a written “map” perhaps of how to get started with an overview so you can step back and get a big picture.
IAMC/Quality Lives in Illinois in Illinois
I’m with the Illinois Association of Microboards and Cooperatives. I highly encourage everyone to join in on the Circle Builders calls the first Wednesday of the month at 2 pm (Central)
M Strohmeyer
how do we join the calls
Dana Larrett
I enjoyed hearing from the 2 families and David. Thanks for providing this opportunity for learning! Best of luck to all! :)
IAMC/Quality Lives in Illinois in Illinois
David - can you be sure to let everyone know how to join in on the first Wednesday calls?
Ahmad Brown
Hello everyone, I just wanted to say that I think these stories were very great and I enjoyed listening to them. I am glad to learn about the microboards and association and how supportive they are!