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Integrated Youth Services: People, Pathways and Processes - Shared screen with speaker view
Frayme Team
Welcome! We’re going to get started shortly but in the meantime, please feel free to introduce yourself and how you fit into the world of integrated youth services. If you’re joining us as a group, let us know how many people are tuning in with you! Please post your comment to ‘All panelists and attendees’.
Samantha Marriner
Hello everyone, my name is Sammi Marriner and I work with at risk youth in a specialized high school program within a college. I assist these youth with connecting to resources in the area.
Meriem Benlamri
Looking forward to sharing with you all in a few minutes.
Frayme Team
Welcome Samantha!
Samantha Marriner
Thank you! I am so excited for this webinar!
Linda Warford
Hi, I'm Linda Warford, the Youth and Emerging Adults Consultant with the Gov of NL. We are working on ISD in this province. Very excited to hear your presentation.
Tanya Halsall
Hi, Tanya Halsall, Postdoctoral Fellow at the Institute of Mental Health Research in Ottawa. Happy to be here!
Rinita Mazumder
Hello, Rinita Mazumder, Research and Evaluation Associate from PolicyWise for Children and Families in Alberta!
Chloe Guinaudie
Hi Chloe Guinaudie, knowledge translation Coordinator at ACCESS Open Minds!
Linda Warford
Hi Rinita, really enjoyed the article from your group on ISD.
Frayme Team
Welcome all!
Jeff Rocca
Hi everyone, I'm Jeff Rocca, Knowledge Broker with the Centre for Addiction and Mental Health.
Elise Durante
Hi there, I
Elise Durante
Oops, Hi I’m Elise Durante from Foundry BC
Frayme Team
Welcome Linda, Nathan, Tanya, Rinita, Kyla, Chloe and Jeff!
Frayme Team
Welcome Elise and Marie-Lou :)
Frayme Team
This webinar is the third in our series. If you missed the first or second one, you can access the recordings, slides and a handy infographic summarizing the findings here: www.frayme.ca/news/frayme-mind-webinars.
Jeff Rocca
Frayme Team
Welcome Leyna :)
Frayme Team
Hi Paul, nice to see you online again!
Frayme Team
Feel free to ask any questions throughout this webinar in the chatbox or through the Q&A box (located on the toolbar below)
Rinita Mazumder
Linda, sorry I missed your message there! Thank you, that's wonderful to hear!
Linda Warford
Your article was very helpful in our research.
Frayme Team
We’re thrilled to see so many Frayme partners with us today! To become an official partner of Frayme (for yourself or on behalf of your organization), visit www.frayme.ca/join-network to fill out a short registration form. If you have any questions about the form, contact frayme.info@theroyal.ca.
Frayme Team
The organizations included in the scan so far include both international and Canadian organizations. The international organizations include Jigsaw (Ireland), Headspace (Australia) and Youth One Stop Shops (New Zealand). In Canada, the scan included Foundry (a network in British Columbia), YouthCan IMPACT (a network in Ontario), ACCESS Open Minds (a pan-Canadian network), Choices for Youth (a single site based in St. John’s, Newfoundland), NorWest Youth Hub (a single site based in Winnipeg, Manitoba), Stella’s Place (a single site based in Toronto, Ontario), and Youth Wellness Centre (a single site based in Hamilton, Ontario). We look forward to expanding the scan with additional sites and networks soon!
Frayme Team
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Linda Warford
Wondering about consent/information sharing for youth under age?
Linda Warford
Thank you! In terms of age, in the research i did there were several ISD sites serving 12 to 25.
Frayme Team
A reminder that all questions can be put in the Q&A chatbox and we will get to them at the end of the presentation :) I see some questions already coming in which is great!
Leslie Wells
Are you able to comment on the level of qualification of direct service staff at hubs? Are they generally regulated professionals (i.e. RSW) or a mix of regulated and unregulated?